Flies are some of the most annoying pests around. Not only is their buzzing distracting, they can land on your food and contaminate it. Flies carry a variety of diseases that can sicken members of your family. Don't ignore a fly problem. Truly Nolen Pest Control in Brick, NJ can treat your house and get rid of flies.

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How did I get flies in the first place?

Wondering where they keep coming from? Flies breed quickly and often, and can be very persistent pests. They can get in your home a variety of ways.

Their favorite hiding places include...

  • Drains - As you wash off dead skin, hair and food waste, flies will nest in the decaying organic matter
  • Trash - Flies love leftover food. If you don't take out the trash often, they will make it their home
  • Walls or attics - Flies can hide pretty much anywhere, and will navigate into your home through the smallest cracks

Flies can quickly create an infestation. Our crew will identify the issue and provide a treatment plan to keep your house clear of flies.

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