Maybe it happened like this: You walked into your kitchen for a glass of water. You picked up a glass, turned to the sink and saw little black things around the rim.

They moved. A group of ants marched across your countertop.

If you found ants in your Brick, NJ home, you don't have to battle the ants alone. You don't have to spend time or money on DIY remedies. You can count on Truly Nolen Pest Control - Ocean County for ant control services.

Don't hesitate to call us about ant control

Controlling an ant problem quickly is important because ants are social. Where you see a few ants, you will see more soon. They make pheromone trails to lead others to food. If we can end an ant infestation quickly, we can stop the ants from inviting their friends to join the party. Call 609-521-6980 to arrange for pest control right away.